Fully managed hosting solutions for today’s dynamic business landscape.

The surili team brings over twenty years of experience in hosted internet technologies.  We design robust, secure and fully managed infrastructure solutions to take your business where it needs to be right now and well in to the future.

Our solutions are delivered via the OVH Global Infrastructure, providing presence across 5 continents and 14Tbps of global network capacity.  This allows us to provide innovative digital business solutions that scale to cater for SMEs to global corporations.

Our services

We provide a full range of managed hosting and related services. From domain name registrations and DNS to website hosting, email and on to hybrid cloud. We are able to cater for all your business’s hosting requirements.

Our services are all designed to be robust, scalable and secure. Systems are all well maintained and kept up to date with the latest versions of software, once tested. We are always quick to adopt new standards and enhanced codes of practice.

Our commitment to customer service is paramount. We aim to deliver you with the best service possible and will not accept any less.

Below is a brief overview of the services we provide. To discuss your particular requirements or for a quotation, please contact us.



Managed WordPress

Our managed WordPress platform takes the stress out of the day-to-day running of your web site. Security, administration, updates and backups are all taken care of for you by our team.

Alongside your live WordPress site we provide a cloned ‘staging’ environment. This allows your design and development team to work on and test updated features and themes. Once your staging is ready to go live it’s a simple process to update the main site and you’re ready to restart the cycle.


Our range of messaging solutions includes business class email and Microsoft Exchange services. We also provide mobile messaging and alerting solutions as well as interactive agents.

Business email solutions are available from single user upward and include contact/scheduling.

Microsoft Exchange services are again available from single user hosted to private server. Additionally we can provide you with Microsoft Office 365 solutions and Sharepoint.

Cloud Computing

We provide a large selection of cloud services. Use for storage, management and processing of data or applications. Everything you need, right when you need it and with all the flexibility and scale of the cloud model.

Our cloud services include vps, dedicated servers, public and private instances. These solutions are easy to combine to build powerful hybrid solutions.

Virtual cloud desktop solutions are also available (Windows 10 Interface) in various configurations.

Specialist Applications

We have a range of solutions for advanced/specialist applications. Big Data, Data Science, Modelling, AI, MachineLearning.

Ultra high powered servers utilising Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processors.

GPU Servers.

High capacity storage servers with up to 36 drive arrays.

Gaming servers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Domain name and DNS

Domain names. Choose from over 800 extensions, alongside the more traditional. We provide full registration, monitoring, parking and management services. Choose private or public WHOIS.

We offer full DNS management as well as providing Anycast DNS via the OVH network. Anycast automatically duplicates your DNS records in 19 points of presence worldwide. Speeding up the time it takes to access your site.

We also utilise DNSSEC. In recent years, hackers have developed methods of poisoning DNS servers that enable them to divert traffic to their servers (phishing etc.) by falsifying the responses given by the DNS directory.

DNSSEC guarantees the authenticity of DNS responses and prevents DNS cache poisoning.

Partner Alliance

Our partner alliance programme is perfect for design agencies, developers, systems integrators, resellers.  We work with you to deliver the right infrastructure for your projects. This provides your clients with the best solution, while at the same time growing extra revenue streams for you.
To learn more contact us at partners@surili.net

Contact us

To discuss any of our services, or for a no-obligation quotation, please call us on +44 ‭(0)20 3355 1418. Or use the contact form below.